Hello, how are you?



What a common word. It is a usual word when introducing yourself to someone.

After all, this is my introduction, so then “hello”

My name is Jireh Advincula.

I like to write because writing is my way of expressing my inner thoughts. You can read diary posts, essays, random sermon notes, and just useless rumblings.

If I write everything about me, right here, right now. Then, it will take 100000000000000000000 words to finish it. So, I think it is quite appropriate to journey with me as I start this blog. As I continue to write, I might end up writing about my past in order for some readers to know me. I no longer dwell there, but sometimes, from time to time, you need to look back at the rear view mirror in order to proceed forward.

For starters, there are several things that you need to understand that might affect my understanding view of life. For now, enjoy the list that I will provide about myself:

  • I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; I believe that He is God that died for my sins.
  • I am Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines.
  • I moved to America when I was twelve years old.
  • I know how to speak, write, and read Tagalog.
  • As of now, I attend a Bible School to get my degree in Theology; I want to become a professor in theology.
  • I work with middle school students as an After-School teacher.
  • I have depression.

I hope you continue this writing journey with me. Have a wonderful day.