People come and go. I can finally accept that. It is heartbreaking when friendship fall apart. But, I should be thankful that at least there were good memories with them.

There are different level of friends, so I will try to have my own definition of them.

The Professionals

  • They are your co-worker buddies. They know you professionally. You all have something in common and that is whatever professional or workplace you are in. Teachers will talk about school work and students. Engineers will talk about creating and visualizing materials. Film makers will talk about movie related ideas. These people are your friends, and there’s that professional respect with one another. But, this form of friendship can also be a stepping stone to another level of friendship

The Class Work

  • These are you school friends. I am talking about classmates. Conversations are usually about school works. You know them because you need them such as team project, homework related questions, ASB, and after school activities. However, in this area, deeper level of friendship usually develops.

The Amen

  • These are your church friends. It can be a leader, another member, or even a parent. You have spiritual connection with them. You have the same belief that makes you become a part of a family. Most people gets into a deeper relationship with this group when you really try to attend intimate meetings such as prayer group, youth group, retreats, and other church activities. In this area, you also can found deeper level of friendship.

The Neighbor

  • They live next door. This type of friendship can vary. Conversation can come up from talking about parking space to what is the meaning of life. Children usually are the first to encounter this kind of friendship. In this area, it is also available to have deeper level of friendship.

The Party

  • These will include people from your work, school, church, and even the boy next door. Party meaning inviting people to your life such as birthday party, wedding, or just going to the club. Friends that are in here are usually have deeper relationship with you. They probably know drama life, ex life, sex life, work life, or other life in your life.

The One

  • This is your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your spouse. This is usually a deeper level of friendship. Trust is usually can be found in this level of friendship. And when betrayal happens, serious trust issues will occur and damage the relationship. Vulnerability with one another usually occurs here. This is usually just one person. And this person can also be your best friend.

The Life

  • This is your Best Friend Forever. This can be your spouse or significant others. It can also just be your closest male or female friend. They know so much about you. Trust, honesty, bonds, loyalty, secrets, vulnerability, and really deep criteria are embedded in this friendship. Bad blood can seriously alter one’s life. Divorce can happen, trust issues, and even depression can occur. But this is the most beautiful type of friendship. Laughter, cries, joy, travel, party, food, life, love, hope, dreams, and other beautiful things can be found. You are lucky to have one. Cherish them.

And I have all of them, I am blessed to have these people in my life to take part of the journey that I am in. And I do appreciate and love them all.

Have a wonderful reading!


Jireh Advincula