He’s Calling Me: New Direction



In this picture, I am looking at God’s creation. I am looking at a mountain that if I ever get a chance to hike, it will require vision, faith, commitment, unity, and power so that I can start to this new calling that God wants me to do.

Honestly, I am in so much fear because I think the only person that I actually know who’s tackling this task is Pastor Rick Warren. And, God is calling me to to the same. To reach out for them.

I will not specify the calling, but if you are a Christian, please, I require your prayers. I really need them.

As of now, I am handling what God has given me. And one day, I will share and maybe post a video in here the plans that God has for me. I am excited despite of my fearfulness because I know that God is about to do something extraordinary. If God helped me reach out the youth in my community, in my church, and in my family. Then, I know that God will do even more extraordinary things with this great adventure.

I really do not see myself doing this, but I want to walk on that water. I want to take down that wall. I want to go all out and search for that lost and scared sheep. I want God to use me for His kingdom. I am here. And, I am ready.

The Requirements:

  1. Vision – God gave me the vision when I was at this mountain. It was already a burden in my heart, but God just made it clear with the breakout session message. The Pastor used and gave a WORD to me that I already knew in my heart, the pastor was just confirming what I already had.
  2. Faith – I can truly say that this is a leap of faith. I am scared because I cannot see what lies ahead. As of now, I can see people leaving me, friends making fun of me, Christians looking down on me, and others rejecting me. But, I want to do it. I don’t know how. I don’t know where. I don’t know who to start. But, I am willing whatever comes.
  3. Commitment – This is where I need discipline. I have put what was the calling in my facebook wall but only my friends can see it. So far in this public blog, I can only give you hints. Until then, please pray for me. I am committed, and whatever comes, I will continue because I know that God will do something extraordinary.
  4. Unity – I already shared intimate messages what my heart is for and what God is calling me to. I asked them to add me in prayers and mentor me. I know that one day, I will have people that will have that same vision. For now, I just want to seek God more and more. And, when people come. I will cast my vision so we can all work together hand in hand to seek the lost.
  5. Power – I need this. Let the Holy Spirit do His work in our lives. “Oh Holy Spirit, come!”

I just want to share this verse to you. Continue to pray for me, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Psalm 25: 14-18 12140610_467941843409627_1226191741043202716_n

If you want clue on what God has called me to do, Read Psalm Chapter 25 to Chapter 33. I am basing this new direction on those chapters.

God bless.