What is Your Chain?


I’ve been studying and dwelling on my homework, Philippians 1:12-18. I gave a Bible Study in front of my classmates and my professor last Monday. It was too much for me that I had anxiety attacks but I handled it well. Water really helps when I get those episodes. Nonetheless, my professor gave me 85 out of 100 for my preaching assessment. He told me that I had the content and the wisdom, but the professor felt that I was not really there. He felt that I feel scared and not happy being there, or I’m not standing strong to really preach the gospel. He is correct, weeks before that I had to endure words from someone. I had to lower myself that I felt so small that I started questioning my calling. I felt so small that maybe becoming a Pastor is just my thing and not really God’s calling. I started to doubt God’s calling because of someone’s point of view. It affected my preaching, it affected my view on life, it affected my purpose.

That was my chain. Why do I care what people say? They can hurt my feelings, but Christ is still being preached. And I know deep inside that I want to preach. I want to love. I want to proclaim the good news especially to the brokenhearted. Even if the president of the world tells me differently, I am here by the order of God, and I am in chains with Christ.

What are the things that are stopping you from really preaching? From loving others? From humbling yourself? From declaring the good news? Is it pride? Is it financial issues? Is it our current relationship? Is it a sickness? Is it your past? What are the chains that are holding you? Because Paul was also in chain, he was in prison, and others were attacking his chains, his imprisonment, but what does it matter? As long as Christ is being preached, then we need to rejoice!

I’ve learned plenty of things this past years. Humility. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Letting Go. Moving On. Friendship. Depression. Solitude. But the most important one, JOY. I am safe in Christ. He has called me, and with that, I need to rejoice.

My fellow Christians. Let us continue to declare His love in all we do. Not just on Sunday but with everything we do. Do not let our chains stop us from spreading the gospel, instead use these chains or our current situation to rejoice for the gospel is still working wherever we are.

God bless!