Re: Torn Apart


Fork in the Road

This is a response from my previous blog post, Rebound. Rebound was posted October 15, 2015. After a month, I now have the answer which way to go. I used an allegory of a rebound girl for my situation. There were plenty of symbolism that only a few would know. Therefore, if you are looking for an answer, I stayed with Miralani. I have to learn to love her. I really do think I was placed there in order to bring the presence that I can give to her.

Why her? I talked to both parties. Miralani wanted me and gave me a chance to know and continue to love her. Pachi, well, she pretty much really broke my heart. I talked to her with a humbling heart, I felt so small, and yet, she made me fell smaller after our conversation. I knew that I will no longer grow with her because I believe, she will continue to remember the past and it will hurt both our relationships. That is why, I’m with Miralani.

All that matters, is I am here to love God. And that is enough.