Even When It Hurts


Can you still love someone even when you are hurting?

Can you still stay in the same place even when you are suffering?

Can you still keep believing even when it does not make any more sense?

Can you still worship God even when it hurts like hell?


The song, Even When It Hurts (Praise Song) by Hillsong United is a prayer that defines the power of pain and yet still continues to believe and praise God no matter what the cost is.

We all been in a situation where plans just don’t go in our way. We all been in a situation where a problem was too much to bare. We all been in a situation where life is like hell.

How can someone still worship God? How can someone still be thankful to God? If God helps, then why am I hurting right now? Why are bad things happening to good people?

I do not know the answer.

However, I will still continue to praise Him even when I am hurting. I will be honest with you, this past couple weeks and even until now, I am struggling with this mental pain of agony. Nightmares were attacking me when I was asleep. I wake up in fear and anxiety. I scream at night because of this indescribable pain in my head. I will take medicines, and even go to a doctor, but they can only tell that I am under stress. Why am I under stress? Is my depression acting up again? I do not know what’s going on but here I am still preparing my sermon for our Youth and Young Adult Christmas Gathering. I still pray and cry out for the people around me. I still praise God despite of the physical and psychological pain that I currently have.

Because even if God does not heal me completely of this agony, this affliction, I will still continue to praise His name. Even when it hurts, I will still praise Him.