Dear Me: Therapeutic Way of Writing



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This is an interesting concept when you are dealing with your past. This is only an experiment so please do not attempt if you are not strong enough to write yourself a letter that the whole world can see.

You can write a letter to yourself privately, it is a therapeutic way to cope almost anything like a loss, transformation, brokenness, or a simple personal crisis.  However, when you are writing an online public letter, it is different. Why? Because you will describe an object or an event but you certainly do not want the readers to truly grasp what you are trying to say. Only certain people can understand, and sometimes, only you who can understand.

1st Step: How Far Would You Go Back.

This is not a simple task. One can go back all the way from birth, but how much can you truly remember? My advice is to go back where a pivotal event happened in your life. For example; A marriage, a new job, a break-up, new relationship, moved into a different place, or anything significant that affected your life. There must be an incident that truly turned your world upside down.

2nd Step: List the Differences.

List all the changes in your life when that even occurred. For example; was there any physical changes in your body, did it alter your view or approach on life? or simply put that you gone crazy.

3rd Step: Okay to Not Be Okay.

How are you now? This is the realizing what had happened and the changes in the past, and accepting if you are alright with it or probably still not alright. You are the only one who can answer this because whatever you write in here will be different how others view your answer. You understand yourself so do whatever you want to write in here.

4th Step: What Lies Ahead.

What is next for you? What are worth keeping or saving? What are the things that needs to be fixed? Who should you let go? And set yourself a challenge. You can be perfectionist or be simplistic. It is all up to you!

Go ahead, write your own. Tomorrow, I will write mine and I will post it here this weekend. Have a wonderful day!