Yesterday, Today, and Forever



In a few hours, 2015 will be history. Welcome 2016.

In the essence of a cultural relativity, there are several events in 2015 that were memorable. Paris Attack is the most shocking in the worldwide sense for the western world. Steve Harvey, Miss Columbia, and Miss Universe controversial final moments were definitely memorable. Golden State Warriors breaking NBA History records is another one for sports. Aldub Phenomenal in the Philippines. Donald Trump’s…. well almost everything is the talked about for politics. Justin Bieber’s new album and Adele’s “Hello” sums up the music industry. Nepal’s devastating earthquake for natural disaster. Blood Moon finishes with a red display. Cuba is back in tourism. And Star Wars happens.

Personally, my 2015 was as memorable as the world revolves. There were highlights such as summer program at work, an exclusive Fourth of July date with a very special person, a summer vacation at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a run-away road trip to Los Angeles with four good friends, a confrontation that was intensive that led to a conclusive decision where to go, a rejuvenating retreat at Pinecrest to be called to reach a tumultuous community, a hilarious moment in a Christmas play, a school-load of bible related materials, and preaching my heart once again. There were also not so good events but hey, past is past, right?

Unrelated to both activities, the world and our lives continue to move forward. Despite of the drama, the reformative assimilation, and the unending storms, our lives ended in 2015. A new year, a new life, a new beginning, unfortunately for some, nothing really happened that made an impact to certain individuals. Sorry for my french, but “shit is still shit.”

Nonetheless, no matter how dark our past, our life, our year could have been for us, we need to keep moving. Certainly, the past will be there but we can not go back to fix it. We can adapt and adjust to the new life that we have given. As long as people are still alive, then there is still life, there is still chance, and there is still faith.

So, 2015. Goodbye. Welcome 2016. It may have been a dark 2015 for myself, yet, it will not stop me from doing what I know is right. My passion continues, even when I am suffering, I will still have my faith burning.

I am ready for 2016. Let’s go!