When God Disciplines You



I truly believe that God can see everything and knows all things, however, he chooses from time to time to intervene to protect and discipline you. And when he intervenes, this can be a life-changing event.

I see it this way, we are sinners. There are sins that we unintentionally commit, and there are sins that we know we will get in big trouble if the authority finds out. Where is God in these situations?

I just hope that Christian leaders are accountable to one another because the enemy is like a prowling lion that is willing to devour anyone and if there is a slight chance to destroy a ministry, the enemy will take it.

Christians, please. I am begging that we need to be aware of our actions. Especially when we are leaders. You can hide your pornographic addiction, the alcoholic addiction, the sexual relationships outside of marriage, the gambling issues, and even the tiny little things such as gossip, lies, and pride. God can see all of them.

I just hope and pray that I can exemplify the fruits of the Holy Spirit as I continue to lead others to Christ. Because I know when God disciplines you, I call it tough love, it can truly alter your life. But why wait for Him to intervene and corrects you, if you can stop and change your ways now.