Letter to the Church [Fan Fiction Style]


I always wanted to write a letter just like Apostle Paul did to the early church. Now, that I can blog and know more about the Epistles, I want to try it out.


Jireh, servant of Jesus Christ. To all God’s holy people, saint, leaders, and to my beloved family.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank the Lord for every time I remember you. In my prayers, I will pray for all of you. I think about you and hope that God is still the center of your life. I have left the leaders in my place and I heard rumors that they are not exemplifying a Christian character.

I urge you brothers and sisters in Christ to hold accountable to one another. Leadership is not an easy task. These leaders are also human who struggles daily. Your support and prayers are much needed for the enemy is always ready to destroy God’s family.

Leaders, I urge your to examine your heart. Are you displaying a Christ-like character to your members? Are you only showing what they want to see? Are you only speaking what they want to hear? But, when they are no longer around, do you plunge yourselves into drunkenness, lewdness, fornication, adultery, gossiping, and lying?  I may not know what is happening in the dark parts of your life, but God is watching you and He will not let leaders corrupt the minds of His children. I pray that you seek forgiveness and repent now. Turn your heart back to Christ, and let Him be the center of your life. I have seen your faith when I was there. I have seen your passion to build a God-fearing nation. I have seen your broken for His children. It is time to revive yourself and abandon what the flesh and the world can offer. Let the fruits of the Holy Spirit comes out of you.

Whatever happens conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the gospel. So, when I see you again, preach again, worship with you again, I have seen the growth that you have provided for His children. I am coming back soon. I hope in my return I have seen unfamiliar faces for they are new believers in Christ. That will by my joy.

Also, I have heard rumors about me. There are people within my community that talks about my weakness and my mental health. I assure you, God is still my fortress. He is still sustains and gives me strength. I may have this torn and affliction in my life for eternity, but I will continue to serve God with all my life. It does not matter what others speak ill of me, you know my heart, my passion, my intention, my integrity, and my love for His name. And because of that, I rejoice. I know that you are still praying and waiting for me.

I will remain humble in all my days because I am only saved and alive because of His grace. Therefore, admonish one another in wisdom and truth. Love one another. Forgive one another. Show kindness and faithfulness to your leaders and to your friends. Remain humble with a grateful heart.

For those who are lying to themselves. Let go of the pain. Do not dwell in what you have lost but continue to pursue what God has promised, and He promised an everlasting life to all of you, for those who belief in Christ Jesus.

For those are engaging on what the world offers. Stop the sexual activity that is happening, you are created in Christ, you have given a new life, why do you do what the world does? You have been granted grace and forgiveness, why do you waste it with sexual sins and hatred? Do not conform to the pattern of this world, instead renew your mind so that you can be a pleasing sacrifice to God.

My fellow brokenhearted young people, I will always be with you. I have felt what you guys are feeling. I have been in a dark situation where it seems there was no hope. I pray that God continues to embrace you in your lonely nights. Focus on heavenly things. Do not let the enemy get a hold of you. You are God’s masterpiece. You are His treasure. You are special. And you are not alone.

I pray and hope that you continue to run the race. Fight the good fight of faith. For I am doing the same thing. I will see you all soon. For the time being, continue to stay strong in the Lord.

I, Jireh, write this letter in my own hand. Remember my pain, my struggle, and His victory. Grace be with you.

This is so cool. Remember, this is not an actual letter. It is a fan-fiction letter. However, if it triggers your soul, maybe, it is more than just a made-up letter.  Have a wonderful day.