Life Sucks: The Hiking Adventure Begins


empty road

I was alone.

I was terrified.

I was skeptic.

And I wanted to go back.

It was only 6 o’clock on a Sunday morning. The parking lot was empty, the road was silent, the birds were singing, and it was just me and the nature. However, I do not know what lies ahead. But, I kept going.

I like thrill adventures. Sometimes, I purposely try to get lost so I can find new ways or discover new things. This hiking trail was new to me, so I decided to go for it, without knowing what my destination will be.

walking alone

People will say that in our journey, it is better to travel with people, with friends, with family. Although, there will a time that we need to take a personal journey alone. It can be a challenging venture for the road can be foggy and hazy.

In this moment, it is the perfect time to do a personal reflection.

  • look deep within you
  • ask for your life purpose
  • remember the bad and good memories
  • reassess your life situation
  • talk to God
  • and enjoy the beauty of your surrounding

foggy forest

As I continue my thrilling adventure, I found myself in a shady trail. My love for psychological, suspense, and crime films did not help my anxiety as I fear that a wild beast, or a loathsome criminal might attack me. Hence, I still continue.

Facing the unknown can be alarming. Most of the time, it is convenient to know the facts when tackling new life endeavors. For some, we hate the word change. We get comfortable in our lifestyle, addictions, religion, practices, that if we try new things, we get psychologically inept. Some panic, some commit the unthinkable, and sadly, some wreak havoc.

Proverbs 3:5-6 talks about leaning and depending on our own understanding. We rely on things that we understand, comprehend, and see. Of course, we what to know the facts, the solution, and the forthcoming. However, in life, there will be a time that we just don’t have the facts. In those time, it might be hard to swallow, to take, and to fathom, but “TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.”

covered trees

Then, there was this garden, forest-looking trail that was very intriguing. I wonder what was on the other side? If you are pessimistic, here you go;

  • empty lot
  • dump site
  • burnt forest
  • trashy field
  • crowded beach
  • a Starbucks store
  • or nothing! There is nothing to see here!

I get it. Life sucks for you. Life has not been your friend, and the phrase “life is not fair” is your daily motto. There is no more joy, happiness, and hope. You are tired of living life in hell. There is nothing more cruel in  this world because your life is complete definition of disaster. You epitomize hopelessness. I get it. Life sucks.

Then, why are you reading this?

You can skip the last few paragraphs and scroll down to see the final image, the final destination of this trail. Or continue reading to find something more meaningful in life. Yes, life.

You can be alone right now and feeling empty. You can be with someone and yet still feel alone. The name of this blog is “Provider’s Hands, Heart and Mind.” In Genesis 22, there was a story of a father who was asked by God to sacrifice his son. I can go on details theologically about this story but that is for next time. When the father was about to sacrifice his son, God told him to stop. God provided a ram instead of the son. Then in Genesis 22:14, it says, “So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. And to this day it is said, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” And thus the name, Jehovah Jireh occurred. In other translation, it says, “God sees.” God knows and see what lies ahead. For us, our road is probably foggy, hazy, blurred, and painful, but if we trust in God, I truly believe that He will provide. (In God’s Hands; we are safe, in His heart; we are loved, and in His mind; we are His children. (This Blog’s Mission Statement). There is a beautiful destination in Him.

Depression was my worst enemy. It is something that I carried in this adventure called life. But, I no longer see it as a baggage anymore. I see it more like a sacrifice. There was a time, that my road was foggy and messy. Depression was my sacrificial son. Then the Lord, replaced it. Jesus was the sacrifice.

Life is beautiful because Jesus gave me a reason to keep moving. And, I know that no matter how terrifying the road that lies ahead. I am with Him, I trust Him, and I know that my destination will be beautiful.

Remember, the God I know and love, transformed a world of empty and chaos to a world teeming with life