This is by far my favorite hashtag of the year.

I see it as stigma breaker regards to depression. There might be some different opinion when it comes to depression but the experience that we all go through is there; and it is sickening, tiring, ridiculous, and straight up depressing.

Here are some of favorites from twitter.

isolating myself from everyone and everything, accompanied with the fear of losing everyone and everything

i’m just being “lazy” or “dramatic” or “sensitive”; but this is something real, something i struggle with daily.

nothing compared to ‘s grace..

Cant fall asleep at night / Cant get up in the morning

Making Sure Everyone Is Okay Because No One Ever Made Sure I Was ..

losing the will to fight for causes you believe in because that involves talking to people.

keeping hopelessness a secret, encouraging others while doubting myself.

I’m fine and cracking jokes with you all day only to lay in the dark and cry all night.

apologizing for everything I do even if it’s not my fault



What my depression looks like?

  • I am always up at night thinking about nothing.
  • I always want to sleep but I am just laying down looking at the ceiling.
  • I’m lazy to go outside.
  • Isolation is my pillow.
  • Nightmares are my friends when I’m asleep.
  • Frequent thoughts of loneliness and wanting not to exist.
  • Frequent thoughts of quitting school.
  • Frequent thoughts of my old friends but I don’t miss them.
  • Cancelling meeting, plans, dinner, or events.
  • Binge-eating.
  • Binge-watching.
  • Walking ahead for the future but my mind keeps reminding me of the hurtful past.
  • Surrounded by family and friends, but they are oblivious with the hellish mental state I’m going through.
  • Wondering if the lies about me are actually true.
  • Wearing a mask is a must.

What my depression has done to me?

  • Got closer to God
  • My depression may be forever, but I know that His love is eternal.
  • Blogging is my therapy.
  • I appreciate little silly things.
  • Laughing is a gift.
  • Acting is my talent.
  • Praying is my weapon.
  • Music is my joy.
  • Family and friends are important.
  • Therapy and counseling is important.
  • Compassion towards people with mental illness.
  • Volunteering is my pleasure.
  • Stigma-breaker.
  • My faith in Jesus Christ is keeping me alive; He is my anchor, my strong tower, and my help in times of need.
Honestly, depression sucks. There are no words to describe when I’m having an episode. Plus, having abandonment and trust issues are not helping at all. Emotional deprivation and self-sacrifice schema do not help either. If it was not for my faith, I do not even know where I would be.
I just want to reach out to people who have friends who know someone with depression. They are normal so please stay connected with them. Invite them to sports event, lunch or dinner dates, and even church gatherings. Give them a constant reminder that they are not alone will definitely provide help. And if they are having an episode like they are isolating themselves, give them just a little text like, “I just want you to know that I am thankful for you” is good enough.