The light shines brightest in the darkness



Christians, we are the light of the world that cannot be hidden.

However, most of us remain inside the church. If the widows, the homeless, the orphans, the sick, the forgotten, the lames, and the hurting are living outside of church, do we wait for them to come inside, or we go out and shine our light to them? If they come inside our church, do we shine our light, or we hide them under a basket?

Volunteering at NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) opened up my heart towards people with mental illness. I had a chance to interact with peers, family members dealing with mental illness, and other volunteers that support the mission of the organization; to end the stigma of mental illness.

There was one conversation, however, that broke my heart. She told me that she was hurt by the church because of her mental illness. Sadly, she is not alone. There are people that are still being neglected by the church because of their mental illness.

Some pastors and church leaders are inept to identify people who suffers with mental illness. I can’t blame them, but it breaks my heart when people with mental illness feels alone when they are in the middle of Christian environment.

People with mental illness struggle in the dark. This is when the light of the world needs to shine the brightest to give hope .

I am very fortunate to have few friends who showed their light when I was in the dark. I am blessed to have friends who broke down my wall to save me. I am thankful for my friends and family for just being there even though they had no idea how to deal with me during my psychotic state.


I am almost done with my therapy. There is a part of me that is worried because mental illness is like a wave. It comes and go. It comes in a form of different shape and sizes. There will be a time where it will be so strong, that it drags me down to the deep; where it feels like an endless drowning.

But, I have given strategies to cope with my mental illness. I can swim towards the shore. I can just float and let the waves bring me back to safety. I know for sure I have a lifeguard that will save me. My hope is in Jesus.

The battle is ongoing. I will continue to climb up. The struggle never stops. But, I will be alright.