Dear Suicide



Dear Suicide,

You do not control me. I will not give that power so you can dictate my actions. I know that you were a big part of my life. You pretended to be my friend. During my darkest days, you acted like you care by lying to me. You told me that death was the only solution and that there was no such thing as hope. You were so close of killing me, but someone saved me. Someone who is powerful than you. Someone who is loving with full of grace and joy. Someone who gives me hope instead of sorrow. Someone who embraces me instead of mocking me. Someone who conquered death.

Oh Suicide, you have taken so many lives. You continue to bombard lies to people with mental illness. You speak deceit to people that are struggling with life. You distort their identity of hope. You fabricate stories so you can obtain their precious lives. Suicide, I am no longer your slave. I will continue to give hope to the people. I will fight you with the sword of the Spirit. I will wear the full armor of God to help God’s children. Suicide, you will no longer take any more lives.

It ends here. Actually, it ended at the cross. Jesus conquered death. That is the hope that I cling to. He rose from the grave to defeat you. It is finished.

So, Suicide. I am no longer scared of you. I will share my story so that I can expose you. My hope is in the Lord, and His grace is enough for me.


Your ex  friend,



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Call for help. You are not alone.