Hold On until Pain Ends



How do you deal with pain? Pain killers, drugs, sex, acting out, suicide attempts, drinking, or whatever just to remove the suffering.

How about brokenness and disappointments? When your girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up with you? Or when you did not get what you want for Christmas?

We all handle our pain, suffering, brokenness, and trials differently. But we cannot deny that it does not exist. Pain sucks. It sucks our soul, energy, and we just want to go to depression mode. We can pretend to be happy, but if we are really in so much pain, physically or emotionally, it will show. And it sucks! It sucks the life out of you.

Now imagine the death of Jesus Christ on the cross; when he was in the grave. The disciples and the followers heartbroken by the death of Christ. Peter denying Christ, and he can no longer see Christ again to ask for forgiveness. Mary seeing her son suffering. The women who been supporting Christ, crushed in spirit. The people who knew that He was the Messiah. The people who thought that Jesus will be their Savior; the one who will be the king; the one who will give them hope. Jesus is gone. He is now dead. Oh, the brokenness, that discouragement, and that suffering.

What if it ended there? What if there was no resurrection?

But it does not end there. Jesus rose back from the grave with His glorified body. It is a message of hope. A message that God did not just take our sins to the grave but also to remind us that we will rise again with Him.

The pain, it will always be there. We can do so much strategy, therapy, counseling, and such to ease the pain, but it will always be there. My depression, my nightmares, and my anxiety attacks will always be there. But, I have hope that one day, I will rise with God. No more pain, no more sorrow, no more trials. Hold On until Pain Ends.

Let me end in prayer,

“Lord, Christmas season is happy season, but I know that for some it reminds us of painful memories. Lord, I do not know who is reading this, and if that person is going through some hell right now, I hope this blog can be a reminder that there is hope. There is hope in Christ. Lord, I put my hope in You. I am in pain right now, but I put my trust in You. So, Lord, please take care of the people that are reading this. Love them just the way you have loved me. Amen.”