Are you willing to understand someone’s point of view before stating your own? Conflict happens because of misunderstanding. It occurs when an opposing belief, opinion, or a statement differ against another’s perspective. Conflicts result in wars, divorce, broken relationships, and even death. Conflict is damaging when it is handled poorly. Marriage ends up in divorce. Friendship turns into backstabbing. Alliances are broken. However, these results can be prevented.

The best way to prevent conflict is humility. Humility puts the other perspective first before oneself. It is pride that stops one from showing humility. Thus, resulting into conflict. There is a famous argument called “Rogerian Argument.” It is used as a possible effort to find common ground when conflict occurs. If one has an issue towards another, this person needs to listen and understand the opposing view before stating their own. Then, this person needs to repeat it in a way the other person can agree. For example, if someone killed another person. One must allow the killer to express why he or she did it. Then, the listener will speak and explain it to the killer what he or she heard. If the killer agrees with the listener’s statement, then it is for the listener’s turn to speak about what he or she feels. Then, the killer needs to repeat or explain what the other side thinks or feels about the killing. Rogerian argument puts two people in conflict to find a common ground and understanding.

Overall, conflict is messy and takes patience to handle. Prayer is helpful as well. It takes maturity and trust in the Holy Spirit when conflict occurs in church, work, family, and relationships. God’s ultimate purpose for humankind is reconciliation. Human conflicts with God because of sin, therefore, he sent His son, so that there will be an ultimate reconciliation. Even today, our flesh continues to sin but God’s death reminds us that we are reconciled with God.