Dear Sunset





Dear Sunset,

You look beautiful. I am thankful for you because I can stare the sun without hurting my eyes. Even though, you were only there for a few minutes, to see a glimpse of your beauty is beyond description. You remind me of my personal weakness; sadness. When my depression sinks in and sucks the happiness out of me, your beauty reminds me that I will see you again. You remind me that is not an eternal goodbye; it is only a moment of pain and darkness. You remind me to keep holding on, and to have hope in times of my depression.

Like right now, my depression is creeping in again. I want to see you, I want you to remind me that I will be okay. Tell me that even if it hurts, I will be safe. Tell me that even if it is dark, it will not be forever. Tell me that I will be okay.

Sunset, thank you.