New Year’s Resolution



February 01, this should be the real date for New Year’s resolution.

I checked my last year’s resolution and I accomplished three things.

1st, go to the Philippines.

2nd, finish school

Finally, get a new car.

There were five, but I guess I still have to continue or pursue the other two. Therefore, I am adding several new resolutions.

  1. Get my AG License
  2. Be a part-time/full-time Pastor
  3. Go on a date.

Simple right?

I mean, If God is for us, who can be against us. With God, all things are possible. These are great reminders for all believers. Unfortunately, some people, like me, tend to get scared. I am working with my trust and abandonment issues. I am surely fighting and coping with my very best to continue forward.

Yes, I am very cautious trusting people. Yes, I am scared to get attached. Yes, I am afraid of being abandoned. These are just several issues that I’ve been dealing with. But, I know that God is bigger than all of these. I have to take it slow, practice coping, and when it comes to desperate times, seek help. I am surrounded with people that cares for me.

I am glad where I am going. There are times when I go look back, but not to go back, but to see how far I’ve become. It will be a reminder of not pain, agony, nor tragedy, but a reminder that God was always there. He was carrying me all along.

“Lord, as I continue to grow. I will continue to jump for joy. May sorrow comes, I will still rejoice. Thank you for forgiving me and loving me despite of my failures. Amen.”