My moments


“Ber” months… it means the year is almost over.

2 vacations in; Hawaii and Cancun. And yet, Philippines is still my number one place to go.

Philippines this year? Maybe?

I enjoy travelling because it has become my time for tranquility. New people to meet, new places to explore, and moments that are worth remembering.

Even though from time to time, the darkness of depression creeps in, I have this hope that I’ll be alright. I have this technique where I think about an actual place in all of my travels.

For example, when I was in Palawan, there was one time when I was just floating in peace.

In Costa Rica, diving in a clear river water just listening to the sounds of water rushing.

In Mexico, jumping crazy in a sinkhole underground river.

In Japan, in a middle of crowded place and yet I feel solitude.

In Cancun, relaxing in a comfortable hammock in a middle of a jungle.

In Hawaii, burrowing my feet in deep white sand to feel the earth.

And the best of all, in Coron, glazing at the beautiful sunset after a long hike.

These moments are keeping me calm. They make me smile, and it makes me want to add more as the time goes by.

I’ll be alright.