“Crazy Rich Asians” Movie Review


Remember “Slumdog Millionaire?”

How about “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?”

“Crazy Rich Asians” goes into that Cultural Hollywoo-nese category.

I am glad that we have an Asian-focused movie in Hollywood, but is just another ordinary rom-com movie. It is not, however, even considered one of the best asian movie. If you really want to watch a high top notched movie, search “Asian Film Festival Movies,” and pick one.

Nonetheless, I enjoy watching the movie. There are funny moments, that sometimes, only Asians can truly relate. I watched it in a theater were most viewers were Caucasian, and I would only hear myself or my family laughing in some particular lines.

I love Peik (Awkwafina) and Oliver’s (Nico Santos) characters. I also think Michelle as Eleanor and Constance as Rachel played their character really well.

My favorites scenes are the night market, where they showed authentic asian cuisines; dumplings scene, where it talks about asian versus american’s family values; and lastly, Nick and Colin’s island conversation, where it showed a glimpse of Asia’s natural ocean beauty.

Sadly, I could not give this movie a perfect five stars due to the following;

  1. Cheesy lines and scenes from Nick and Rachel. I do not find them charming or have the “kilig” moments.
  2. Annoying side characters such as Bernard, Eddie, and even the bride.
  3. And unfortunately, Nick, the main character. I feel he is quite underwhelming to watch. Contance’s character carries him in most scenes.

Overall, I give the movie 3.5 ⭐️ And, I am glad that Hollywood has given the Asian community to look forward to watching. Hopefully, this is not the last Asian-Hollywood movie in the big screen. Honestly, I don’t mind, because I can always watch good Asian movies on Netflix.