My Ten Ways to Heal a Broken Heart, Mind, and Soul


Depressed? Stress? Anxious? Or even to the point of suicidal? Hey, life is real. I am not judging because I’ve been there, and I’ve learned ways to cope. The future of healing is possible. However, it is an adventure, and it is up to you if you want to take it.

This is my Ten Ways to Heal a Broken Heart, Mind and Soul

10. #TravelHeals

This is probably the most expensive and yet rewarding of them all. If you have the cash, then do it. Save up, and go out of town. Go to a place that is beyond your comfortable zone. I’m talking about culture; find and learn new culture through travelling. Enjoy the presence of strangers that are with you as you take a tour to this foreign land. Make friends, and you can even make a different persona and tell them that you are this or that. Become someone new for a day, you’ll probably never meet them again, unless you exchange info of course. But, travelling to different places is so worth it.

9. #WritingHeals

All you need is your broken heart and spirit. And let it all out. You can go public and post it online but be very careful, or go private and don’t stop, I mean don’t even check the grammar. Keep writing. You bitter, write. You brokenhearted, write. You mad, write. You can even go crazy if you have the skills to do spoken words or different style of poetry. Break the pen and numb those hands. Write it all out! Be free. Then, take a nap, and read it again. Or after a few years, read it again.

8. #HotShowerHeals

Yes, take a shower. Clean every part of your body. Sing if you like. And when you are rinsing, enjoy the warm water cleansing your soul. You can also do warm bath. I can’t do that because I don’t fit in my bathtub. But, hey, if I have a bigger tub, I’ll add candles too! Water heals, it cleans, it quenches thirst. Everytime I take hot showers, it feels like my sins are washed away. It could be the nakedness, but it also feels free.

7. #HikingHeals

Start with easy hiking trails. Enjoy nature. Then, challenge yourself to take harder trails. You know, to one where you feel like crawling after hiking. Where every part of your body hurts. The pain in your body is much bigger than your problem that you would want to rest and just go to sleep. This is by far my favorite healing method, that I started to take jump shots on all of my hiking trips. Go to instagram and check hiking photos, and if you like posting, be creative and make your signature pose. A hand stand, jump shot, arms flapping, yoga pose, anything, own it! Just invest on hiking shoes or hiking sticks, it’ll be worth it. And don’t forget your water.

6. #PrayingHeals

Talk to Jesus. And I don’t mean that cheap, “bless this food Lord, Amen.” I’m talking about having a conversation with your bestfriend. Like talking to a therapist. Jesus is a good listener, and sometimes, He just wants you to hear yourself. I remember when I was in the darkest night, where I do not want to hike, travel, eat, or even take a shower. I didn’t want to do anything. That my mind and body can only do is pray. My heart cries out to Him. I yelled, I bawled, I begged, and even got upset with Him. But there He is, just listening, and kinda letting me know, that, “He is there.” If you are not spiritual, maybe this is the time to get to know Christ. I’m just sayin…

5. #WorshipHeals

There are times when I would just indulge myself in a night of worship. I can sing, I can dance, or lipsync. But just the essence of just listening to Christian Worship Music that just soothes and heals your soul. If you need recommendations, check Elevation Worship, WorshipMob, Passion, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Sons and Daughters, and Phil Wickham. One night, I have my headset on and I am just flat on my face, sobbing, yet, I am not sad but overwhelmed with this pure joy and love. Like, I said, if you don’t know Christ… maybe you should.. I’m just sayin…

4. #EatingHeals

This is the worst if you are overweight but sometimes, I’ll give myself a treat from time to time. I’ll buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I’ll eat Pho. I’ll eat chicken wings. I’ll eat my favorite food, and not feel bad because it makes me happy. Then just go hike later. Make it a reward instead of binge eating which is unhealthy. Go buy some food and what is even better, go treat someone and eat with them. Have lunch with them. Call someone; an old friend, a coworker, or sometimes even your own family. There is always a conversation, and sometimes, they’ll share their brokenness with you, and you’ll end up giving them advice, yet somehow, you feel like that advice is for you.

3. #LearningHeals

This is my second favorite but most people will probably hate this. Learn something new. It is the weirded thing to do, but I “wiki” a lot. I’ll ask something, for example, “What countries are part of World War 2?” And then i’ll just keep on checking links over links, that I have spend hours of hours learning countries. Sometimes, I’ll learn useless info, sometimes, they are useful. Go read a book. Join a bible study class. Or go back to school! I dare you! Try new things, but a gadget. Get a new toy. Watch indie movies or documentaries. And sometimes, do something healthy that is very uncomfortable. Break it, and fix it again!

2. #VolleyballHeals

Ball is life. It can be any other sports but for me, when I play volleyball, I am lost in the zone. It is the game that energizes my soul. You can even play video games that makes you sweat. Just Dance, or go play Mario party with friends. Play Catan with others, or solve a jigsaw puzzles on your own. Distract your brain to focus on something else. I spike harder when I’m mentally unstable. Haha. And it feels good to sweat and be competitive. It is like, the problem is your opponent and you just want to beat them. You have a goal, that mindset that I am better than you, so I will not give up until I defeat you. I will try and try again, learn from my mistakes, try a new tactics in order to take you down. Am I talking to my problem or just my volleyball opponents? Both!

1. #SleepingHeals

Take a nap! This is the laziest of them all but sometimes, your conscious mind and body just need to rest. Reboot! Refresh! Rejuvenate. Get comfortable and wear pajamas. You spend most of time on your bed unless you’re vampire and don’t sleep, so go buy yourself a nice bed. And here’s a trick that I am not sure it works for others, I drink coffee before taking a nap, so when I wake up, I have a boosted energy to work. I like to sleep. After a hike, sleep. After writing, sleep. After eating, sleep. Pretty much, after all these other ways, I will end up sleeping. Hey, it is free. Give yourself some sleep. Snooze away, child. Snooze away.

These are my ways. What are your ways? Leave me a comment, maybe I’ll try them.