Week one of Chemo

Unfortunately, platelets are still elevated. Hopefully, as weeks go by, it will go down. Honestly, my symptoms are adding. I had severe night sweats last night and my chest continues to ache. It is not severe, but it is there. I am just trying to ignore it, try to eat healthy and exercise. The concerning … Continue reading Week one of Chemo

Busy Month

When I see you cancer, I will roar like a dinosaur because I do not fear you! I have blood test tomorrow to check if the chemodrugs are working. Hopefully, we got some good news. I will have a busy month And I still have to schedule Cardiologist, and ENT Doctor. So far, that’s what … Continue reading Busy Month


I just remember something awful that happened few years ago. And, it makes me wonder if I’m still upset about it. I’m here in the desert, maybe, trying to find my way back home. Understanding what Moses felt in the wilderness. Acknowledging that I may be lost as well. 2019 is not a great year … Continue reading Afraid?