Week one of Chemo


Unfortunately, platelets are still elevated. Hopefully, as weeks go by, it will go down.

Honestly, my symptoms are adding. I had severe night sweats last night and my chest continues to ache. It is not severe, but it is there. I am just trying to ignore it, try to eat healthy and exercise.

The concerning part of the results are the ovalocytes and tear drop cells in my blood. The +1 mean 25% of them are present in the test. These abnormal shaped cells are commonly found in myelofibrosis, bone marrow scarring. If I have pre-myelofibrosis, it means my Essential Thrombocythemia is progressing. Hopefully, it won’t go there.

Yes, I’m scared but I’m still thinking positively.

Keep me in your prayers, FAM!


Jireh ❤️