Angels Landing


I pushed myself beyond my limit. I don’t even know if that is wise. I was physically exhausted. My legs were shaking, my ears were ringing, and I was to the point of dehydration. But, I have set my eyes on a goal, to reach the top, and nothing can stop me.

The hardest part of the hike was the twenty-one zigzag uphill slopes. I had to take fifteen breaks for my body to regain strength. It was strange because I was not even thinking about quitting. I really want to reach the top. Every hard, difficult, and strenuous steps reminds me of all the steps that I will take with my sickness. I do not know how far the hike was, or if I am almost there, but I will continue to hike up even if my body is aching.

That is the same mindset that I have when it comes to this rare blood cancer. I will continue to live life one step at a time; there will be pain, there will be suffering, but never give up. Keep fighting until the end.

Health Update:

I went to my doctor last Monday, my blood are still irregular. My doctor is slowly increasing my gene target therapy medicine, Jakafi, to 25mg a day. She stopped me from taking Hydroxyurea because it is ineffective and just giving me mouth sores. I am still taking 81mg of aspirin, but it gives me heartburn from time to time.

I am now also taking Nortriptyline, an anti-depressant, for my tinnitus. I take it at night, and it makes me sleepy, so I guess, it only puts me to sleep instead of fixing my tinnitus.

I am now on medical watch. I have to get my blood drawn every month just to check if the medicine is working. I developed night sweats, a symptom of my disease. I have to stay healthy to avoid heart attacks and blood clots. Summer is now, the sun is raging, and that is my worst enemy! Hopefully, I don’t develop some kind of skin allergy, rash, or cancer.

As of now, I am healthy. I have bad days, and I have good days. There are nights when I can’t sleep. There are days when I just want to sleep. There are times where I want to eat everything. There are moments where I don’t feel like eating. Nonetheless, I try to enjoy life everyday.

Just a friendly advice for my readers: The journey of life is long, but you don’t have to do it alone, bring some crazy weirdos, and live life with full of joy!