David and Goliath: Pandemic Edition


I wonder what good things will come out of this Covid-19 pandemic?

Are we all going to be experts on several things such as making tiktok clips, creating youtube videos, uploading online sermons, zoom meetings, and probably hoarding toilet papers?

Are we going to be healthier, better ourselves when we are sick, and become masters of social distancing?

Are we going to have better relationships with our family because we have more time with them now?

Are we going to appreciate teachers, home school parents, and essential workers?

First of all, thank you for all the frontliners during this time of crisis. I salute you.

In history, when there are crises, great leaders rise. Leaders and ordinary people who stepped up becomes extraordinary: During 9/11, the first responders; During World Wars, leaders that oppressed tyranny; In Titanic, the musician? Maybe, Leo DiCaprio?

The Covid pandemic is already showing extraordinary leaders and citizens responding to this unprecedented event. It doesn’t have to be a popular person. It could be a friendly neighbor checking and helping an elderly. The custodians that are cleaning and sanitizing every corners of our working space. The health workers, grocery workers, and first responders risking their lives to face this pandemic. Thank you.

It reminds me of this famous story from 1 Samuel 17. The story of David and Goliath.

Two things from that story:

  1. Great leaders don’t cower in fear but rise to the occasion. King Saul, who is supposed to be the one facing the giant because he has the most military and leadership experience is afraid. David, a shepherd, stepped up and took the king’s role. David’s experiences with wild animals gave him the courage to face Goliath. David realizes that all those deliverances are from God. In his mind, Goliath sealed his doom when he defiled God. Today, we are seeing people that are stepping up to the occasion. Don’t be a Saul, be a David.
  2. God is bigger. A simple reminder yet sometimes people forget. David knows that the great, “I AM,” is bigger than Goliath. Saul and even David’s brothers relied on their own strength and material things that they see themselves small and weak. They waited forty days, quarantined in that hill, fearing Goliath. David reminded them, “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” God is bigger than this pandemic.

Now, I want to get a little personal. After this pandemic, when we go back to our normal routine or the new normal, maybe only a few… the few of us will continue to face our personal Goliath; our own pandemic. The sin, and the bad habits that make us cower in fear. The giant problem that stalling our life not just for forty days but probably been years. The Goliath that is so big, it is making you doubt your faith.

More than a year ago, I was diagnosed with a blood disorder that potentially can become leukemia. It does not matter how many books I have read about cancer, there is still something different when you are living it. I have to see my blood doctor and get my blood tested regularly. I have to take this chemo pills everyday probably for the rest of my life, so my blood will not change into abnormal blood cancer cells. There is fear, but because I know David’s God, my fear is gone. For I know that I am in good hands. It is no longer my battle; the battle is the Lord’s. Therefore, I do not cower in fear because my God is bigger.

“Lord, I pray for my readers that are going through tough times that you comfort them. Remind them that you are bigger than whatever they are facing. I pray for for all the people that are working during this pandemic. Lord, give them strength and protect them from the virus. I pray for our leaders to make David like actions, give them wisdom. Lord, You are bigger than any of this. I know that you are still in control, you are still sitting on that throne. Thank you and I love you. Amen.”