Right Time

One of the youth from my church asked me, “Why are you still not married? I think you’ll be a great husband and a good dad.” I can tell so many reasons, but I know those are more like excuses so I candidly replied, “I want all my money to myself.” Then the youth added, … Continue reading Right Time

Meet me

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie the Pooh As the years go by, I am learning to say goodbye. I am blessed that I had an outstanding therapist that provided great assistance on how to cope well with goodbyes. Recently, I went through another month long … Continue reading Meet me

Re: Torn Apart

This is a response from my previous blog post, Rebound. Rebound was posted October 15, 2015. After a month, I now have the answer which way to go. I used an allegory of a rebound girl for my situation. There were plenty of symbolism that only a few would know. Therefore, if you are looking for … Continue reading Re: Torn Apart