Diary Entry: Time to Move Forward

Today, at church, a simple message reminded me that I am going in the right direction. In the last two years, I went through a lot of digging to help myself go to where God wants me to go. In the process, it was like walking through this high bridge; it was scary, and even though my mind was willing to walk across, my physical body was going against my heart. My last two years felt like walking this endless scary high bridge. I do not want to look back, but in order to know my accomplishments, I had to. It reminds me that I have been through a lot, I have overcome severe steps of psychological healing, and now, it is time to look forward, to move ahead, and keep moving on. Today, during worship, I was in tears, I was emotionally and spiritually drawn to the song, “O Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship
I am still healing, but I no longer bounded by the heavy load that was wrecking my life. My depression, my mental illness, and my trials may be big, but God’s grace is bigger than all of them combined. I am thankful. Now, it is time for me again to reach out and gather beautiful precious treasures. Redemption is calling.