Kakalimutan na Kita

Maswerte ang mga taong mabilis makalimut. Ang mga taong madaling maka-move on. Ang mga taong pagkatapos masaktan ay malakas bumangon. Sana ganun din ako. Subalit, kahit ilang beses kong sabihin, “eto na,” ako ay hanggang salita lang. Mayroon mga good memories, mga bagay bagay na nakaraan na natutuwa ka lalo na kapag pinag-uusapan ng mga … Continue reading Kakalimutan na Kita

Overcoming Hurt

A pencil needs to go through a sharpener in order to become useful. One has to go through hurt and pain to achieve a new level of realization. We call those experiences, however, overcoming them is not something easy. They say, “the older, the wiser.” It means old people have more experiences, thus they are … Continue reading Overcoming Hurt

Right Time

One of the youth from my church asked me, “Why are you still not married? I think you’ll be a great husband and a good dad.” I can tell so many reasons, but I know those are more like excuses so I candidly replied, “I want all my money to myself.” Then the youth added, … Continue reading Right Time

My moments

“Ber” months… it means the year is almost over. 2 vacations in; Hawaii and Cancun. And yet, Philippines is still my number one place to go. Philippines this year? Maybe? I enjoy travelling because it has become my time for tranquility. New people to meet, new places to explore, and moments that are worth remembering. … Continue reading My moments

Speak Your Silence

For my final project, my professor asked us to pick an organization and make it our own ministry. I picked SPEAK YOUR SILENCE. Why? “The stitch saved my life.” This is the mock-up story (short version): 39,000,000: The estimated number of Americans who were sexually abused as kids. It’s a mainstream tragedy and is at the … Continue reading Speak Your Silence